Dana Butler
Hi there!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  It blesses my heart to have you here!  

My heart for this corner of the blogosphere is that it would be a place where you can grab a cup of iced coffee (or tea if ya like, but for me? iced coffee all the way) , kick your shoes off, and find some treasures that will help point your way toward encountering the experiential REALITY of Jesus's tangible nearness to you and His pursuit of your heart in each moment of your journey 

My desire is that this would be a place where we can be raw and real with each other in the midst of life's journey, and where Jesus can come in and showcase His glory in the midst of our brokenness. 

If you'd like to connect with the Moments and Invitations community, here are a few ways you can engage.

In the mean time...
With my incredible husband (he really is!), Stan, and our
ridiculously cute (how did that happen!?!?), wild, sweet
boy, Isaac. He'll be 3 in September of 2013.

Here are 10 randomly important things about me. If we were sitting together over pumpkin spice lattes, maybe you'd laugh at a few of these and say, "Oh my gosh, me too!" and we'd both know we'd found a real friend. :)

1. I am somewhat passionate about iced coffee in the warm months.  And and stevia. (PS - I have no affiliation or benefit from posting this link.  Just love stevia as a sweetener.  It's so healthy!)

2.  I am a writer.  According to Jeff Goins, I need to say that.  So here I am, saying it.  I'm a writer.  I'm a writer.  I'm a writer.  (PS. I'm not just saying it - I really believe I am.  I'm realizing and stepping into this facet of my calling these days.  Fluctuating between being intimidated by it and being confident in it.  But doing it.  One step at a time.)

3. I adore my hubby and son.  A TON.  We enjoy each other so much.  I feel ridiculously blessed.

4. I am passionate about worship (definitely more passionate about it than about iced coffee :) ), as a lifestyle AND in song. :)  I love, love, love to lead others in worship and see Jesus profoundly touch and heal their hearts.

5. I am (forever) learning to confidently be who I am, to not minimize or shrink back from what God has asked me to do.  (i.e. # 2 above.)

6. I love to make up new words.  If you read my writing, you'll definitely run across them.

7. We live in a 115 (or so)-year-old house in a historic neighborhood in Kansas City, MO.  We are down here in "the hood" to be close to our church community.

8. Stan and I lead a house church that is connected with our greater church family (a church composed of several house churches). We are passionate to see people come to know Jesus experientially, learn to trust His heart toward them, and become radical followers and lovers of Him.

9. We love to play games with our friends.  I am a HUGE Settlers of Catan fan.  And I promise I wasn't just trying to rhyme.  It just flowed out of me. ;)

10. Stan and I often give each other long hugs, during which we beat out extensive, complicated rhythms on each other's backs.  Pretty jammin'.  And a little... well... weird.  But we're okay with it. 

BONUS item:  Our dream family consists of approx. 6-10 kids, some bio and more adopted, of various ethnicities.  Stan is and I will turn 35 and 33 this year, respectively, so I sometimes struggle with feeling like we're off to a late start, with one bio. son and one adoption in progress.  But then I remember: He knows the plans He has for our family (Jer. 29:11), and He's more than worthy of our trust.  :) So we wait, and do that - trust Him.  (Read more about our heart for adoption here.)

Anyway, thanks so much for showing up here today.  If you'd like to get to know me a bit better, here's a link to my story - the raw version.  It's the good, the bad, and the ugly of my journey thus far,
complete with the redemptive hand of JESUS woven through its entirety.  He really does work all things together for our good.

Blessings to you today, friends!  So glad to have you here!

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