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  1. Shoot Dana
    I cant even imagine Though I can almost feel your heart in this process. We all know that God has favor with you and Stan and that He has the right package for your family. I cant wait to see and I know it will be so good.
    Much love and Prayers. Mike

  2. Hi Dana my nae is Lauren I live in Perth Australia. I just wanted to share with you about my journey with miscarriage. I have three little ones in heaven. I was pregnant again and it was looking as if i was going to lose another one when a doctor friend of mine specializing in women's fertility health asked me to get tested for progesterone levels (the hormone that holds the pregnancy) I got it checked the next day and my levels were low so she put me on some to boost my levels and kept my levels going for the whole pregnancy. I go on this now whenever i'm pregnant it is a blessing from God. If you look up fertility it has the centers in America. Not sure if this information helps, but I felt on my heart to share it with you. God Bless Lauren

  3. Don't know if I'm in the right place to say this, but you'll figure it out easily. Thank you for commenting on my post tonight. AND since you are in the K.C. area and I'm in Omaha, if we're ever in the similar locations, it's always a blessing to meet and get together. That's one of the favorite things that comes with being on the blogging world. Always a treat to meet, doncha think?? ;-)


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Thanks so much for walking beside me a little ways here.

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