Adoption Progress

For those of you who are tracking our adoption process:

Over the last year we have watched the Lord miraculously bring in all the finances for our adoption.  It has been incredible to see Him fill in the gaps, preparing us to bring our new baby home.

We have been in the live/active/waiting phase of our adoption process since June 2012.  We are actually active with 2 different local, not-for-profit agencies here in KC and waiting for our profile to be chosen by a birth mom.  In this waiting process, not a lot happens, but as soon as there are updates, we will let you know!! :)

We're just hanging out, keeping busy and trusting the Lord to bring our baby at the right time.  His timing is perfect, though sometimes the waiting is difficult.

If you're interested in reading about our adoption journey, click here for adoption-related posts.

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