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Stillness Manifesto is an invitation to stop hiding behind busyness and ignoring the desperate condition of our hearts. A call to rediscover the practice of intentionally stilling ourselves before the Lord.
Stillness is a vital tool to help increase our awareness of His nearness and activity in our lives.

In the past, when I read authors who discussed the practice of stillness before the Lord, I was left perplexed, confused, even turned off by the idea.

God's totally changed my perspective.

Stillness Manifesto takes this "discipline" that has been called "contemplative," "mystical," has seemed out of reach, and makes it touchable. Practical. Attainable by the busy mom, the empty-nester, the businessperson, the college student.  

Basically, whoever you are, if you love Jesus and want to deepen your walk with Him, Stillness Manifesto is for you.

Stillness Manifesto is 31 pages long and readable in 30 minutes or less.

I hope you love it, too.

And I hope you'll take it to heart. That Jesus will breathe new life into your relationship with Him as you apply the concepts in these pages.
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