Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blown Away

Quick update:  The final wire transfer (of the set of 3 that came from our good friends who I last posted about) came through today and bumped our "Current Goal" thermometer up ABOVE THE HALFWAY point.  This means we are over halfway toward having our entire placement fee - the largest of all of all the fees on our "fee schedule."

Woah...  We are still in awe.  God is so faithful and NOTHING is too hard for Him.



Hi there, friend! I'm honored and blessed when you share your heart, your thoughts, your feedback with me here. At the same time, I want my readers to feel free to read and process internally before the Lord... to not feel obligated to spit out immediate feedback.... so I am SO not upset or offended by non-commenting readers. Please be who you are - - internal AND external processors welcome here! :)

**If you have trouble leaving a comment, try going to where it says "comment as," or "Choose an Identity," changing the setting to "anonymous," and commenting as an anonymous user. Just make sure you leave your name in your comment if you'd like me to know who you are.**

Thanks so much for walking beside me a little ways here.

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