Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our [sweet] Adoption T-shirts...AND...A Fun Giveaway!

Hi Friends!  To the end of raising funds toward our final financial goal so that we'll be prepared to bring our baby home.... I designed this t-shirt at that we are selling (for the next 21 days only!):
(We will be holding a giveaway here on this blog in order to help us get the word out about these shirts.  2 winners will receive gift cards!  Scroll down for more info....)

Want to purchase a shirt?  Here's how it works:

1. Go to our personal page on to see our campaign.
   (if you can't get the link above to work, try this:
2. Reserve your t-shirt using your credit card or your paypal account. 


3. 65 shirts is our "tipping point."  At this point, the shirts will definitely print and your card will be charged for the shirt(s) that you have reserved.  


4. Your shirt(s) will ship (assuming we sell 65 or more) between July 25th and 29th.  You can choose to either pay shipping and have them shipped directly to you, or (if you live in the KC area) to NOT pay shipping and have the shirts shipped to me, and then pick them up from our house.

(drum roll please......)

When you enter the giveaway, you will receive a number(s) via email.  At the end of the 21 day campaign (on July 16th), we will use to choose 2 winners to receive $20 gift cards.

There are possible 4 ways to enter, and you can enter up to 4 times.  Help us promote our t-shirts by:

1. Tweeting the link to this blog post.
2. Posting the link in your Facebook status.
3. Blogging about our t-shirts (possibly including why adoption is meaningful to you?) and including the link.
4. Sending out an email to your friends about the t-shirts and including the link to this post.

**After you've done one or more of these things, leave me a comment on this blog post letting me know which thing(s) you've done, AS WELL AS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS so I can send you your numbers.**

ANNNNNND, here's the link, free for your copying and pasting:  

Now... ready?  Let's........

GO GO GO GO GO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let's blow that 65 shirt mark outa the water.  Boo-yah.

Thank you so much for your support of our adoption process.

Be blessed. [and leave me a comment if you have questions.] 


  1. Hey I facebooked and tweeted. Instead of posting my email can I be facebooked? Also, this blog doesn't let people comment unless they also have a blog.

  2. Hey Stephanie, thanks for doing that! I'll send your 2 entry numbers to your fb inbox.

    Thanks for the heads up about the commenting issue too. I tried to figure it out in my settings.... I have it set so that anyone should be able to comment, even anonymous users. I don't know why it's being weird. I'll post a blurb about it on the fb event page.

    Thanks girl!!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I think what you are doing is wonderful and I am happy to spread the word. Posted your blog on my FB! Blessings to you!
    ~Sarah Sinclair

  5. I Facebooked... twice! On my page, and my blog's page... Can that count? :) It's so cool to see how God has worked through this process so far!!

  6. Looking forward to getting my t-shirt! I shared on FB, too. I don't need a gift card so I'll let the others have a better chance of winning. Best wishes, and I hope you exceed your goal by lots!

  7. Dana - yay! I'm excited you guys are doing this. I put it on Facebook and I'll put it on our blog later on today (I'll email you the link when I do it). Can't wait to get my cool shirt - praying you get to 65 and that God continues to provide for your every need.
    love you, friend! ~Lisa

    1. Hey, thanks so much Lisa! I so appreciate your support/prayers on this journey... You are a blessing, my friend. I think you're awesome. :) Love you!


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