Thursday, November 1, 2012

Colorado Beauty: Nature and JESUS and Precious Friends

My dear friends!

I just returned home a couple of days ago from the place that captured my heart years ago and will forever hold a piece of me... Colorado.  This past weekend the precious ladies of the Littleton Vineyard Church had a women's retreat up in Allenspark, CO (near Estes)... and they invited me out to lead worship for them for the weekend.  Can I just say that I was SO, SO blessed to be a part of it?  Because I was.  Profoundly.

The drive up was snowy (though the roads were clear) and absolutely gorgeous.  The retreat center was fabulous....and the views were stunning.  But even more stunning were the sweetness of community among the ladies, and the sweetness of the tangible presence of Jesus... His commitment to tenderly encounter and bring healing to the hearts of each woman there.

I loved every raw, beautiful, healing minute.

(Thanks to Nicole and Jordan for several of these pics!)

The retreat weekend was sandwiched with sweet moments with dear friends.  Gotta love these Brits.  We miss them so.

Coach Ian teaches Isaac some soccer skillz.

Sue and Dana are LOOOOOPY after the retreat.
And tired.  But happy.
Blessings to you today, friends.  Juicy Jesus/heart stuff to come in the next couple of days... :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time! :)

    Hey, you might enjoy these keynote talks from a Christian blogging conference not long ago. One of the speakers is Ann Voskamp! If you haven't heard them already... you'll have to sign up to the site to see the videos, but it's free.


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