Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In Colorado... A Little Quieter Here

Hi my friends,

Greetings from the insanely beautiful state of Colorado.  Some dear friends who pastor a church out here in Littleton (the church Stan and I were a part of when we lived here) have invited me out to lead worship for their awesome ladies at their women's retreat this coming weekend.  Can I just say... I AM SO BLESSED TO BE HERE.

All of that to say... I will likely not be blogging a whole lot this week as I'm spending time catching up with sweet friends who I rarely see and showing Isaac the mountains and spending time just hanging out with Jesus, listening to His heart as I prepare and pray into this upcoming retreat.

For now... I'll leave you with a couple of sunset shots from Isaac's and my drive across Kansas... a reminder that all this beauty speaks of who He is...and the way He loves.

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