Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Morning Meditation (A Reset Button For Your Day)

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Good Monday Morning, Friends!

I don't know about you, but my Monday mornings often entail a sweet kiddo who's sad and frustrated because his daddy had to go back to work after being available for hugs and play all weekend, a big ol' pile of laundry demanding my attention, and a big ol' pile of to-do lists rolling around in my brain.  Today is no exception...and it actually may be more extreme than normal in the "laundry piles" and "to-do" categories.

Sometimes on mornings like these I struggle.  I struggle to live and move out of a place of rest and peace.  I struggle to demonstrate grace and joy to my family.  Pressure can easily translate to STRESS for me on days like this.  Know the feeling?

And yet, today, with 2 to-do lists written out and a load of laundry already rockin' and rollin' down in our dungeon basement/laundry room (old house = scary basement = usually no laundry hookups on main floor.), I find myself with a surprising amount of peace and an even greater amount of joy and anticipation for today.... and I just wanted to take a minute to quickly share with you my Source of peace and joy and LIFE for hopes that you'll be encouraged and strengthened and empowered for today as well!
His divine power has [already] given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.  2 Peter 1:3
It's ours.  He's already put within us, through our knowledge of His Son, everything we need for life AND GODLINESS in the midst of life.

Inner peace.  Righteousness.  Joy.  Love.  Grace for those around us.  In whatever circumstances in which we find ourselves.  ALL WE NEED is ours.

Our responsibility is to choose, by faith, to step into those things... in HIS strength.  We step out and obey in faith... He meets us and empowers our obedience.  Beautiful.

Take a deep breath right now. If your day's already off to a rough start (Believe me, I know how that goes!!), hit the "reset" button in your heart right now by allowing this truth to sink in for a few minutes.

Your Father is right there waiting to meet you.

Grace to you all today, my friends.  May you experience His empowering of your faith-filled obedience today...and may your hearts be tuned in to hear His "well done, precious child!" in the midst of it.  May all that you do today flow out of a place of rest and trust in His heart toward you, His commitment to Your life.

You are so loved....


  1. I am so thankful for your blog...I just happened to stumble upon it...I am blessed by it each time you write and I am amazed and thankful for how "REAL" you are as a mom. Its nice to have someone be honest through happy and not so good days. Thank you.

    1. Hi Katie! So glad to have you here! And glad too that you're finding encouragement here. It blesses me to know that. I have to be honest about my life because it's only in the RAW-ness of it that I encounter the Lord... ya know? Blessings to you, friend. :)


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