Saturday, January 19, 2013

How Our Deepest, Gaping Holes are the Sweetest Opportunities to Be Filled by Him

These places where I am completely incapable of making myself work correctly, making myself righteous... the holes in my heart, the gaping abysses of my character... All of these broken places, they are the spaces where there is room for Jesus to come in and fill me with Himself.  

The wounds, the struggles with sin, the holes, the darkest, blackest, ugliest gaps in my heart, they are the places into which I can invite Him, the places where I can experience the deepest intimacy with Him as I allow Him to know me and fill me in all of my barrenness, my depravity, my desperate need.

And as He comes in and works deep in those darkest abysses of my heart, beauty is forged there out of intimacy and His glory is revealed.

Jesus, I trust Your process inside of me... and not just trust it; I can lean forward into all You're doing and all You plan to do inside me.  Because in all of it, You're faithful... and even when it hurts, the intimacy that comes when I surrender and allow You to come in and fill these raw places, it sustains me through it all. 

YOUR TENDER LOVE sustains me through it all.

Oh God... have Your way in me. Come into the gaping holes in my heart and tenderly work and move inside of me and form beauty in my darkness...and glorify Yourself in my life today.


  1. love, love, love this dana. completely and absolutely agree and relate to and am encouraged by your saying so. and when you come to a point in knowing and loving god that enables you to "lean in", that is a sweet, sweet place to be. --kris

    1. Hi Kris! Glad to see you here today! :) YES... leaning into Him and being completed by Him is the sweetest place in the world...


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