Monday, January 14, 2013

Introducing: (in)RL [this could change your life.]

So there's a website that's become a real encouragement to me... Not meaning to be punny... but it's called (in)courage. In their own words, (in)courage is a "home for the hearts of women."  And truly, it is.

This is a pretty amazing group of ladies who really love Jesus and who've formed an on-line community that intentionally reaches out and loves on ladies around the globe.... They've created this incredible online space where women's hearts are drawn out and accepted and affirmed and where the love of Jesus permeates every communication.  (Side note: they also published an article I wrote a few months ago. :) )

So this online community has been going strong for a number of years, and last year, these ladies decided to extend their community beyond the online world and into real life.  Enter (in)RL (In Real Life).

Instead of re-explaining everything that the (in)Courage gals have already written about (in)RL, I'll invite you to stop by their site today and check it out.  You can participate no matter where in the world you live.  Registration for this year's (in)RL (coming up this April!) opens today and there are a couple really cool freebies that come with registering today!

Real life community is so, so incredibly crucial.  We were SO not made to do life on our own, friends!  I'm registered and excited to get to know some new friends and possibly invite a few of them into my own church community.

If you're new-ish to your area and/or you just haven't yet found a solid group of Jesus-loving, encouraging, heart-friends... could I just REALLY REALLY encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to begin a few of those relationships?  OR... if you're IN a church community where you do have solid friendships, grab one or two of those friends, step out into (in)RL, and extend your own community to those who're in need of it!

Ready..... set..... GO.  Register.  Do it!  :)

This might take some serious courage.... but you won't regret it.  And God just might use the weekend of April 26 and 27, 2013 to change your life.  :)

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