Monday, August 20, 2012

Are You a Happy Mom?

Are you happy as a mom?  Are your days mostly joy-filled?  Or do you often struggle with feeling overwhelmed by all of the work involved in being a mom?  You might even have days of feeling depressed....  But as I said in my post about why I left Facebook, God would wouldn't have called me to motherhood if He hadn't intended to meet me deeply in the midst of it.  I mean, really deeply...tangibly... experientially.... so much so that there is JOY (and even FUN!) available to us as moms who know Him.  On days that I tap into all that He has available to me, I can honestly say that I am happy, REALLY happy.... and deeply fulfilled.... as a mom.

I loved this post from Ann Voskamp, so today I want to send you over to her blog, A Holy Experience (to her post, 10 Ways to be a Happier Mom... It's brief - I promise. :) ) to be reminded of some things that are SO important in the way that we parent...and the way we live in general. When we remember these things, we will be so much happier.... and our kids will be happier too....

May you see Jesus more clearly today, encounter Him all around you... and live in the joy that is birthed from it.



  1. Ann Voskamp's A Holy Experience, is incredible!! What a blessing to read this!!

    Love ya,

  2. I loved that article you shared. I read it just before you posted it, but God must have wanted me to get something from it. :) Thanks for sharing

    1. Yes!! It's a great one. She is an incredible writer.... love reading her blog. Do you read it?


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