Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reflections on Delight (Seeing Ourselves In the Light of His Smile)

The glass in our front door is a 2-way mirror.  I caught Isaac looking in it the other afternoon, examining his own reflection....his expression somber as he checked out every detail of his face, his clothes, his hat.  I watched him for a minute, adoring...  and then... squatted down to his level, hugging him close, looking with him into the mirror.

And suddenly.......

His face changed was lit up.  He giggled and leaned in closer to me, grinning ear-to-ear, saying "cuddle! cuddle!" (which sounds like "tuttle! tuttle!"), almost knocking me over with the ferocity of his joy and affection.  It totally altered his countenance and state of being in that moment, looking into the mirror from my arms, my grin matching his.  We sat there for a minute or so, soaking in the sight of our reflections, together, him still grinning in my arms and pressing his cheek to mine.

Oh my friends.... may we always, always look at our own reflection only in light of our Father's smile over us..... in light of His delighted embracing of our hearts.

It will change us from the inside out if we do.

Would you share a piece of your heart...your journey...with us here today?

*What things about yourself (failures, inadequacy, weakness) make it difficult for you to see yourself from the Father's perspective?
*What truths does He speak over you that cover those weak spots?
*When have you sensed His smile over you?

You are so precious to His heart!!


  1. :-) Remember the song "He's Still Workin' on Me"? "In the mirror of His Word, reflections that I see, make me wonder why He never gave up on me. But He loves me as I am and helps me when I pray, to remember He's the Potter, I'm the clay."

    I haven't thought of that song in ages. Your last statement reminded me of this verse. Love you!

    1. Love that song.... He IS still working.... and DELIGHTING over us even while we're in process!!! THAT revelation will change the way we see ourselves... :) love you too! :)

  2. Wow... loved that, Dana!
    Cheryl xoxo

    1. Thank you Cheryl... thanks for reading and commenting. :) Blessings on your day!

  3. This was good Dana...thank you for this gentle reminder :) Love ya! ~ Garvos

  4. Replies
    1. I knooooowwww, totally melted my heart! One of those moments when your heart's exploding with love for your kid and God whispers: "this is just a taste of how I feel about you!" Ya know? Love those times so much. Praying you get bunches of those in the next couple months. :) xo


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