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How to Furnish and Decorate Your Kid's Room on a Budget (and Have Fun Doing It!) : Part 4

Hi!  Welcome back, friends!  So glad you've stopped by today for the 4th and final post of my series, "How to Furnish and Decorate Your Kid's Room On A Budget (and Have Fun Doing It!)"  If you missed parts 1 - 3 of the series, you can check them out here:

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So.... I've shared with you my journey through discovering free furniture possibilities, the wonders of Craig's List, garage sales, spray paint and scrapbook paper, and hopefully you've been inspired to try some new, fun acrylic painting projects for your kids' rooms.  For me, all of this has been so, so fun!  Never dreamed I could be SO INTO home decorating...and I never dreamed I could do SO MUCH for SO LITTLE!  By budgeting for these things over a couple of months, it really wasn't any strain on our budget at all.....and my son has a completely furnished and decorated room.  You too can pull this off! :)

One last project that I thought I'd show you:

Mistake #1:  I totally jumped into making this on my own (yikes!), with no instructions, not even one glance at Pinterest.  Oops! :)  Oh well.... It turned out pretty well nonetheless....but there are a few things I'd do differently next time.  Here's how I put this together, and what I'll do differently if I make another one:

Materials List:
Cheap Bulletin Board (Hello, Walmart!)
Transportation (or whatever other fun theme) Buttons... like these:

Regular Buttons
Staples and Stapler
Craft Glue
Needle and Thread
Picture Hanging Materials (of your choice)

Step 1: Lay batting out over board, pulling slightly over the edges. (If I had it to do again, I'd only use one layer.  I used 2 this time, and it's okay, but a little too pillowy (if that's a word...?) for me now that it's finished.)

Step 2: Cover batting with fabric, wrapping smoothly and tightly around edges and corners.  

Step 3: While holding firmly, staple your fabric in several places per side, all the way around the back of the board.

Step 4: Use craft glue around the back of the board to make sure the fabric stays attached! 

Step 5: Stretch ribbon across board at desired widths, and craft glue it to the back of the board on either side.  (If I do this again, I'll measure my widths and angles more carefully so as to achieve straighter, more aesthetically pleasing lines with my ribbon intersections.  Does that make sense?)

Step 6: Sew buttons to each intersection of ribbon, making sure to simultaneously sew the ribbon down to the fabric at each intersection.

Step 7: Attach to the back whatever you're using to hang your board.... I would use Super Glue or something similar to ensure security.

Step 8:  After glue is completely dry, hang, stuff with pics of your kid's favorite people, and talk about the pictures (and theme-related buttons!! :) ) with him/her every day!!  He/she (and YOU!) will love having it in their room!!

Thanks again so much for coming along with me on my low budget room-decorating adventures.  The way we decorate our homes really does give expression to pieces of our hearts.... Thanks for letting me share mine with you!

I'll leave you with a few final pics from Isaac's (newly, inexpensively decorated) room.  :)

The one thing in this room that I still need to spray paint:
The glider.  Another garage sale find, but in great shape.
Definitely covering up those old cushions.... :)  A gorgeous
afghan from my mom (a.k.a. Gigi) helps a ton!  The solid blue
afghan on bottom was a gift from a dear friend in Colorado.

The Craig's List dresser from How to Furnish and Decorate
Your Kid's Room on a Budget: Part 1!  It occurred to me that
I never actually posted a picture of it!  Sorry about that!
Pretty sure those red picture frames will eventually be on a wall.

These shelves and brackets are easy to find at almost any home improvement
store.  They are inexpensive and relatively easy to hang, too!  Just make sure
you have your stud finder handy...

Thanks again, friends, for letting me share my ideas with you.... I would love to hear about (and see!) your own decorating adventures....  Share with me in the comments?  Thanks so much!

Be blessed this weekend to encounter Jesus in the big and small gifts in your life....

~Dana <3


  1. Hi Dana! Enjoyed all the pictures. Have you thought about outlining the red letters of "My Family" (on the frame)in black so they show up better?

    That blue afghan is beautiful!!!
    Love ya...Momxoxox

    1. Thanks Mom.... I had thought about outlining those letters... but thought it would look weird to just do those and not the others... i may reconsider... :) btw, YOUR afghan is beautiful too. :) xo

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Amanda! Means a lot, coming from you!!! ;)


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