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The Moments and the Invitations: Part 4 (He Makes All Things Beautiful)

Hi there, friends!  If you are finding this blog (or this series) for the first time, I invite you to read parts 1 - 3 of this series (they are all relatively brief), if you'd like, before continuing on with part 4.  You can start with Part 1 (link below) and then there are links at the bottom of each post to the next post.

Anyway... You can find part 1 here: The Moments and the Invitations: Part 1 (The Mundane)

Also, here is a link to the page where I lay the groundwork for this series:  The Mission: Our Path of Joy

Okay... with all of that covered... let's dive into this 4th, and final, piece of the series:

He Makes Each Moment Beautiful
The Invitation: Trust and Peace;
Keeping Our Eyes Open for Beauty
(No Matter The Moment)

"He has made everything beautiful in its time."  
~Ecclesiastes 3:11a 

These "mundane" and "messy" moments we've discussed in parts 1-2 of this series....they don't often initially appear to be moments of beauty. As I look back over various difficult seasons of my life, most of them were seasons in which I was tempted to feel that there was NOTHING good or beautiful happening.... not even remotely.  BUT.... From my vantage point now, I clearly see God's hand of kindness woven throughout those pieces of my history... His sweet, tender, unrelenting pursuit of my heart...even, (and especially!) in the darkest moments.   

The Father wants to birth beauty out of our darkest hours...and the seemingly empty, mundane ones too.

In our darkest seasons, He is at work. When a tiny baby is formed in its mother's womb, it is in complete darkness.  When our circumstances are such that we can't see our Father, He is molding, shaping, creating, doing His work in the innermost parts of our being, the secret places of our hearts.  In the darkness, He is preparing to birth beauty.

When we choose to worship Him in quiet trust, in the face of endless piles of laundry, and situations where restoration seems impossible, He takes our moments in His hands and creates channels for beauty....rivers of grace.

He has promised to work all things (all our moments and seasons) together for good to those of us who love Him.  This is beauty.  This is His glory revealed, all over our messes.

Oh, my friends... He is so faithful to do this in us, all around us, if we respond with a "Yes" of faith in our hearts to His invitations in the midst of every season.  He truly makes all things beautiful.  

All things.  There is no situation that does not bring forth beauty when it is touched by His hand.

His invitation to us, in everything, is to keep our eyes open and choose to believe, to trust His heart even when all around us, our circumstances do not seem conducive to beauty.

It is in these seasons that, if we wait and watch for Him, He will burst forth like the sunrise and display His glory through our lives for the world to see.  

He is faithful... No matter how things look right now.  Hold on...wait in for Him....

Keep your eyes open for beauty.

My soul waits for the Lord
         More than the watchmen for the morning;
         Indeed, more than the watchmen for the morning.
O Israel, hope in the LORD;
         For with the LORD there is lovingkindness,
         And with Him is abundant redemption.
-Psalm 130:6

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I love hearing from you, friends. If you've been hanging around for a little while and not commenting, how about sharing a piece of your journey here today? :) How have you seen the Father birth beauty in your own life? Are there circumstances in which you're still waiting to see His redemption? 
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  1. I am walking in the valley of darkness. Been there for som time. With a feeling that God has abandend me. Im not shore what i did wrong to diserv this.Reaching out to preists, docktors ,anyone who can listen and help me. Iv been given prayers but nothing changes. Reading bloggs like this and Bonny´s. I might be getting the message. Accept and be still. Do nothing,just wait. This is hard for me but there is no other way. I pray the Lord to give me light, a candle in the darkness to comfort me in the darkness of my worry´s and pain. Thanks for you blogg incouragement. My spelling my be rotten but i hope you can read it and pray for me. Love in Christ Elisabeth in Sweden

    1. Hi Elisabeth,

      I'm so sorry you've been in such a painful place. Thanks so much for reading and reaching out to me with this comment... I will definitely pray for fact, I'll pray now:

      Father, I ask that you'd make your heart known to Elisabeth even now, in this season. Continually whisper truth to her heart, God, and give her tangible reminders of your nearness to her, even when she can't see you. I bless her in Jesus' name with eyes to see you all around her, a heart ready to receive your love for her through every good gift...and ears to hear your invitations to her in the midst of each moment. Whisper your love to her heart even now - - your perfect love that casts out fear. (John 4:18) In Jesus' name....

      I tried to find this song on YouTube and post a link for you, but it's not on there... however, if you can find the song "Faith Is Rising" by Jonathan David Helser, the Lord reminded me of it as I was praying for you and I think it may encourage your heart.

      Bless you... Thanks again for sharing your heart.


    2. Oh! Sweet dear Dana, I kind of never expekted an answer. I found your blogg. Read,liked and pored my heart out to you.Feeling so low,alone and desperet. Put the blogg on listed favorites forgot to subscribe. And kind of forgot about it. My listed favorits is long and messy and hard to keep track of. Today i was going to sort up a bit(my husband keeeps telling me I save to much). I klicked on your link scrolled down read your answer and thought this is big. God is speaking to me through an answer to another Elisabeth. This could have been to me. Then i scrolled upp read my own comment and felt so stupid. And so ashamed that I didn´t keep track of this in my self pitty hole. I´m genuin so sorry. And so ever grateful for your beutyful answer and God blessing prayer for me. Your prayer was heard(allthough I didn´t know about it) and I again feel God in my life. I know he was there all the time even if I couldn´t sense him. But feeling disconeckted from him was the most scarry thing I´v been through. Bless you for your incourage ment. Love Elisabeth

    3. Hi Elisabeth!! Welcome back! I was SO not offended that you didn't write back to my response to you. Please don't feel bad about it! I'm so, so glad to hear that you're in tune with God's nearness to you again. I'm really, really thankful for His leadership in your life and for His revelation of Himself to your heart. He is FAITHFUL...even in the darkness... isn't HE?! :) Bless you, friend!!

  2. Just want to tell you that I found the song
    "Faith is rising" on Spotify. I listen to it
    now and then and think of the support you gave me
    when you responded on my letter and the beautyful message in the song.
    Bless you to freind!Elisabeth

    1. Oh hooray! I'm so glad you found the song! Hope He continues to bless you with it. :) Thanks for letting me know!


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