Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday's Musing.... Why I Write

I want to write...

...with consistency, that the Lord will use my writing to continue to reveal to me my own heart, and how He's inviting me into deeper surrender to His.

...with honesty, that God's nearness and pursuit of our hearts will be uncovered in the midst of the REALITY of life...the mundane, the messy, and the beautiful.

...with compassion, that others will feel embraced and drawn in close to the Father's heart as they read.

...with confidence, that God will challenge and provoke hearts to hunger for more and not settle for less.

...with clarity, that the heart of God will be set to words for those that He draws to hear.

...with authenticity, that the raw beauty of all that God is working in the deep places, what He's creating out of my crazy messes, will be displayed...

For His glory.  For His Kingdom.  For the sake of His name.

That His heart would be made known, and others' hearts will be wrecked too, set on fire with Love, undone by the experience of His unrelenting, tender pursuit....all around us.  In everything.

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What About You?
*Do you have a blog or keep a journal?
*Why do you write?
*How does writing help you understand your own heart? God's heart?


  1. I love keeping a blog because it helps me process things. And a bonus is that I can (hopefully) bless others with my writing!

    1. Thanks for sharing this Chrysti! I love reading your blog updates. :)


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