Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day! Moms, Why Do You Love Your Job?

Happy Labor Day, friends!

2 years ago, I was praying I would go into labor on Labor Day.  It was my due date with my sweet boy Isaac....whose birthday, by the way, isn't for 10 more days. :)  Nope... I did not go into labor on Labor Day.  (But wouldn't it have been cool if I had?)

Labor Day was instituted to pay  "tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers" (source: Wikipedia).... and it does seem like, in our society, there's a lot of emphasis placed on all of the "WORK" involved in being a mom.  Meaning, we can so easily slip into focusing on how HARD and "thankless" our job as a mom is.... developing this heart attitude of "mommy-martyrdom".... as opposed to rejoicing in the fact that we GET TO partner with the Father to shepherd our children's precious little hearts.

Soooooo....... As a way to continue to cultivate gratitude in our hearts......

 I wanted to begin a list of reasons that I LOVE my "job" as a mom today....and to invite you, fellow moms (of any age or stage of mom-hood), to finish the list.  This is a group project. :)  Ready?  Set?  Go!

Why I Love My "Job" As A Mom

1. Adorably mispronounced toddler words (i.e. dinosaur = tight-o-for; oatmeal = ay-meelt)
2. Wild little boy hugs
3. Reading an extra book at bedtime, seizing this moment because it will be gone too quickly
4. Sneaking into his room at night and watching him sleep
5. The joy of seeing his little heart learning to trust and obey Mommy and Daddy
6. Getting to hold and rock and comfort him; choosing to cherish the opportunity, even when it's 2 AM
7. His little hand under mine "helping" me stir, or sweep, or "dust-bust" away his crumbs
8. Watching him and Daddy run (or fly or slide or jump or march) wild through the house
9. Belly laughs over the baby monitor while he's "falling asleep" at night
10. His little voice calling me "mommy"
11. A playroom filled with matchbox cars and toy bulldozers and helicopters and dump trucks and airplanes
12. Painting the items listed in #11 for his room
13. Having to go look at the lawnmowers every time we're in a hardware store
14. His requests for "2-2-3! 2-2-3!" (which means, "will you please say 1, 2, 3! and swing me up in the air?")
15. This precious gift of partnership with the Father to shepherd and shape and nurture his little heart....

16. God's gentle nudges of my heart, reminders of His love for me, His delight over me, in the way that my heart so often feels like it could just burst with love and delight over my son.

I love my job. :)

Your turn!  Comment and add your own reasons that you love your job as a mom.  Be as creative as you like. ;)


  1. :) So fun! I love sneaking in to watch Asher sleep, too.

    -Playing Peekaboo and getting giggles every time.
    -Getting such sweet smiles when I come into his room to get him up in the morning
    -Seeing how his little brain is trying to process things.

    1. I love those things too, Chrysti. So fun seeing how they grow and develop and process our interaction with them differently in every stage. I know you're a great mama. :)

  2. Oh, how I loved the funny little toddlerisms, but I have loved every stage of parenting, and esp love teenagers! Yes, I know it's crazy, teenagers are supposed to drive you outside your mind, but they are so fun, and I love walking alongside them on their venture of self-discovery. Love my young adults too! Cheers, Kathleen

    1. Hi Kathleen, thanks so much for your stopping by and commenting!! I love that you're enjoying your teenagers and young adults.... Speaks to the grace of God over their hearts and also to some pretty great parenting - - that you can have an openhearted relationship with them as teens. Beautiful.


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