Sunday, September 23, 2012

Splashes of Beauty: What Happens In My Life When Stan Leaves Town (Week 1)

Howdy friends!

Comin' atcha tonight (actually, by the time you read this, it will be tomorrow morning)  from Bloomington, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis...where Isaac and I have rendezvoused with Stan for a long weekend.  Didn't think I'd have time to post this weekend, but since Isaac's currently asleep for the night in our hotel room, Stan and I are limited to sneaking about silently in the dark, chatting online on our laptops while sitting right next to each other (don't laugh - you know you've done it!), and...well... blogging about our life.

So Stan's been away in Minneapolis all week (week 1 of 2) training for his new job.  Our week has gone well, all things considered.  Isaac's missed his Daddy pretty hard core.... and I've missed my hubby.  Sleep has been rough.  But other than that, we've had a really sweet time together, this boy and I.  Here are some snapshots from our lives over the last early "Splashes of Beauty" post for this week.

Isaac has seriously enjoyed his birthday presents!

Been decorating for Autumn!  My FAVE!! 

Some swinging...

Made this wreath... still not quite finished... but pretty.

Just a bit of cuteness...and a new helicopter.

Sweet time with our housemate Jerusha for her birthday Friday morning!

More Fall decor... :)

Some more swinging....

And some rich fellowship with our awesome worship team-ites...
With the exception, of course, of Stan...who was greatly missed by all.

Life is so good... And God is so sweet and so much more than enough, even when my awesome, sweet, helpful Stan-in-shining-armor is out of town.  For now, enjoying this weekend with him before Isaac and I make the trek back down to KC and Stan works another week up here before coming home.  Will post pics from this weekend hopfully tomorrow.

Be blessed this weekend, friends, to slow down and savor each splash of beauty that the Father flings into your path...and in those moments, to let those gifts point you back to His extravagant heart toward you....

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  1. Glad you were able to go see Stan! And I love seeing pics of my nephew! Happy Fall, y'all! :)

    1. Aw, thanks sis. Happy Fall to y'all, too! Continuing to pray for lots of extra grace for your sweet fam for this season. Counting down till Thanksgiving! :) Love you guys! Kiss Will and Meredith for me.

  2. Love your pics! Looks like you are having fun decorating for Fall. Tell Stan we said hi.


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